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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Wedding Photography

1. Opinion of family: Talk with bride, groom and family members and know what kind of photographs they need. Different people have different opinions about the photos. Know whether they want Flized on the wall candid shots or formal photos.
2. Unique scenes: Some situations require unique angle. Such pictures will be remembered forever. Some see pictures of past and recommend such kind of photos. Never miss such kind of chances. For example a close-up shot of bridegroom.
3. Don’t say smile always: Don’t always say smile while taking the photographs. It will look unnatural. So grab all kind of emotions in the photographs. Casual smiles, funny incidents, emotions filled farewell look natural when compared ‘smile please’ pictures.
4. Kids: Kids like fun always: We see them everywhere. Taking pictures of those running kids at every corner will be unique to the album.
5. Don’t miss: Do not miss any moment of the marriage. By doing so you won’t miss some important moments of marriage.
6. Catch the lighting: In a marriage there will different kinds of lighting. At the arena, hall etc there will be difference in the lighting. Different colours of lights and different effects. Capture these different styles as they are. Both the families will enjoy the natural beauty of the wedding.
7. Use the camera features: Capture the unique moments with use of special camera features. Don’t miss wonderful moments by using bracketing and burts mode. Expose them correctly.
8. Keep an eye on events: The events in marriage go in an order. Capture them perfectly. For example the ceremony, exchanging rings, kissing bride, dinner/lunch etc. Show these moments in a sequence by the photos you take and both the families receive the details exactly.
9. Body language: Not only taking the photographs of faces try to capture the emotions like shaking hands, hand around waists of couples or hands on shoulders. These all will let know the value and volume of marriage.
10. Give chance to others: Many people who attend marriage try to capture those moments themselves. Don’t come in their way and give them chance to take their own photographs.
11. Don’t trouble: Never trouble anyone who attends marriage. Don’t give them a chance to complain.
12. Shallow DOF: 50mm F/1.8 lens is very good one. It can be used in low light, field shallow-depth experiments can be done with it. Light out of focus in the pictures will very attractive. The decorations, flowers can be shot without focus.
13. Use less space: Compacts will occupy less space and will not trouble guests.
14. Family photo: Use face detection mode while taking picture of family members.
15. Take assistance of friends: Many events will occur at same time in a marriage. So only one person cannot take all pictures at one time. Take assistance of anyone like friends and take all the photos and never miss any single moment.
16. Sharpness is not important: The effect of soft-focus will give a beautiful and romantic mood. Using adobe camera raw, we can shoot up to 30 negative value by setting clarity sider.
17. Pose shots: If anyone asks to give a pose it doesn’t mean that it will not look natural. For example while shooting the couple if we ask them to interact and tell them how to. Tell them in which angle they look beautiful. This is a time consuming photo session. Patience and relaxed conditions are necessary for the wedding couple so that the pictures will be perfect.
18. Emotions: Use black and white while shooting people’s emotions and expressions.
19. Flash creativity: Sometimes the light levels are low. In that cases use the flash of the camera or external flash gun. Night portrait mode can be used to elevate the effect. To reduce the flash light effect use tissue papers.
20. L.C.D: Use L.C.D to show your favourite pictures to parents of the couple.
21. Be friendly: Interaction with family members is necessary and should be maintained throughout the marriage. They will cooperate for group photos. Ask them and focus on chief guests.
22. Involve: If you involve in the wedding atmosphere you can get wonderful photos.
23. Good shots: Take pictures of sweet moments and show them to their parents.
24. Experiment: Try experimenting on pictures after the entire photo session is over.
25. Unique locations: Don’t focus entirely on the marriage arena. Try to take snaps of some unique areas like multi coloured wall or lighting pattern.
26. Without focus: Don’t always roam around the guests or couple with flash gun. Take photos silently so that people will forget that there is a photographer and pictures will outcome more naturally.
27. Rare angles: Take pictures according to the culture. And they should be in normal angle.
28. Outdoors: Take couple out of the marriage arena and try some unique styles. For example take them to the place where they first met. Follow them when they get to those areas and take the photos. These pics will be little funny in the wedding album.
29. Stay focused on your equipment: Handing over all your equipment to your friend or assistant will keep you tension free.
30. Don’t regret over what you missed: It is not possible always to take pictures of each and every incident. Don’t think about what you missed and go on with your work.
31. Behind the screen: There will many situations running behind the screen. Try to grab these few days before marriage.
32. Album: Finally handover the beautiful edited photo album


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