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Thursday, February 3, 2011


Cancer is the third most important reason for deaths in the world. Many of the diseases are confined to particular area or a part of the body. But there is no exception like this for cancer. Any part of the body can be victim for cancer, from head to toe. Many diseases are due to infectious agents like virus, bacteria, fungus etc. But cancer is not like that. It is a change inside the body and external agents or factors amplify the change. It can be controlled if it is recognized in initial or early stage or else it will pass us to death through hell.


According to World Health Organisation (WHO) 84 million people will die due to cancer in 2005-15. Since there is no proper awareness, people are paying price for it. Hence International Union against Cancer has declared 4th of February as World Cancer Day to create awareness among people. 100 countries along with 350 organisations are working in this union. They are spreading awareness about cancer through media. They are forcing governments of many countries to take actions directed towards suppressing cancer. They are working towards cancer prevention from 4th February 2006.

In India advertising about tobacco products and alcohol is banned in an action to lower their use. But there are no restrictions on pan masala, beetel nut products and gutkha. The pronounced frequency of oral cancer is because of these products.


There is rapid increase in percentage of teenagers who are dying due to cancer. Staying away from cancer causing agents will reduce the chance of cancer occurrence by 40%. It is our personal habits and actions which are the main reasons for cancer. If we can change these we can built a cancer free society.

-Everyone should take proper diet which includes all vital elements.

-Proper exercise to body

-Make sure that children stay away from pollutants.

-Stay away from deleterious habits

-Take vaccination against viruses which can cause cancer.

-Stay away from extreme sunlight.


Every year, the union come up with a new theme and focuses in that area. “ WE CAN CURE CANCER” is the slogan of this year and is for children. Educating children regarding the cancer which is caused by sun rays is the main goal.


Not all cancers are dangerous. Cancer is uncontrolled multiplication of cells. Those cancers which are not dangerous are called ‘Benign’ and the dangerous cancers are called ‘Malignant’. Some infections also cause cancer like HIV, hepatitis, herpes simplex. There is increase in vaginal and cervical cancer among females. Human papiloma virus is thought to be cause of cervical cancer in females.

Cancers’ are grouped under five categories.

Brain, breast, cervical and intestinal cancers are grouped from A to C.

Cancers’ from D to H include retinal, neck and cancers due to preservatives in foods.

Blood cancer, renal cancers (kidneys), liver cancer, lung cancer, laryngeal cancer are grouped under I to M.

N to S include skin cancer, spleen cancer, prostatic cancer and cancer of stomach

Finally T to Z includes thyroid cancer, throat cancer, testicle cancer, vaginal cancer, uterine cancer.


There are many ways for treatment of cancer like amputation of cancerous tissue, chemotherapy and radio therapy. Chemotherapy is used along with other types of treatments. There are specific treatment modules for specific cancers. Cancers of breast, prostate and cervix are increasing and radiotherapy is treatment of choice.

There is need for people to know about cancer. Create awareness among yourselves and relatives and let us chase this dreadful disease away from humanity and create a cancer free society.


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