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Monday, May 30, 2011

Amazing Belly Dance

A Belly Dancer in Marrakech (Morocco)Image via Wikipedia

Any occasion, say birthday, marriage, engagement or whatever belly dance is a part of it. Many professional dancers are invited to perform on these occasions. So this means it has so much importance now a days. Lets know the details about it.

Belly dance originated from Iraq and has spread to different countries in the world. It is called as ‘Raqs Sharki western countries called it as ‘oriental dance’.
Belly dance which is popular in countries like Iraq and Egypt is a special art where every part of body is moved mainly butt.
Strictly speaking belly dance is a dance that shows sexual chemistry. Stomach, hip, butt, and chest area are rhythmically moved which draws men’s’ attention towards them. If the dancer is beautiful too then.... check mate. That is why belly dance spread so rapidly to rest of the world. At present there are belly dancers in every country. Thousands of years ago people use to do belly dance before sacred deity for children (so that they become pregnant).
Belly dance is not a normal dance. Actually it is a difficult one to perform. There is an argument over its origin, some say it originated in Africa. Despite of history of origin both of them are almost same. Belly dance is gaining more popularity over the Russian Balet dance and the main is reason for this is the movements performed in belly dance. Men can’t resist to turn off their eyes from a belly dance.
This dance slowly begins with movement of legs, then both legs and hands together along with steps. Then movement of heart, hip and butt towards sideways, up and down.
Every movement is rhythmic. In addition their costumes also add more heat. Their movement, costumes and background music take audiences to another world. Hence it spread so rapidly to every corner of the world.

In India belly dance also gained much popularity. Billionaires especially recommend belly dancers for occasions they held. For many of them belly dancing is earning them a good living.
Aisha, Maryam, Meher Malik, Monica Natraj, Naila Khan, Prajaktha, Raanda etc are popular worldwide. New York’s Aisha says that there are so many uses of belly dance. She is a choreographer and designer. With belly dance every part of the body will get into shape due to good exercise, she added. In her institute ‘Wings of Aisha’ she teaches classical ballet dance, modern dance, yoga, middle eastern dance, ancient pharaonic dance, Indian dance along with belly dance.
In 2007, Maryam from Iran won the title of the world competitions for Arabic belly dancers held at San Diego. She performs worldwide and says “it’s good for health with belly dance.”
In India Monika Natraj is popular belly dancer. She has been teaching temple and bollywood dance since 18 years. Recently she performed in Vietnam which was hosted by Indian embassy. The arena blasted with cheers and claps for her performance. After the show many of them requested to train them in belly dance.
Similarly Meher Malik is also a good belly dancer. Spending 17 years in middle east, she mastered Egyptian belly dance. She became worldwide famous by a television show ‘An Indian Talent Show Discovery’

Paloma, Nedika, Veil, Estrella, Heather, Soopman, Denince, Pakita, Rakshanda, Sahara, Prajaktha, Tara, Akash bhat, Queen Haarish, Mandira, Shiraj, Katie, Fatima serine are considered as queens in belly dance worldwide. They are almost winners every time they participate in belly dance competition anywhere in the world. They even taught thousands of students basics of belly dance. They say many of them see belly dance as a sexual part of life, but there is more than that. It good for health and every part of body.
Especially for middle aged women who have a chance to gain weight rapidly and quick fat deposition in areas of stomach and butt. If belly dance is practiced they can keep these areas in shape. Many doctors and gynaecologists say that belly dance is good for health. Abdominal muscles get strengthened and during pregnancy there will be less stress and easy delivery.

So one side gaining the appreciation of sexual audiences and on other side helping in maintaining health, belly dance is gaining popularity worldwide and giving a good competition to other formats of dance.


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