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Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Every part of the body works independently as well as united with others. If any one of the vital organ malfunctions entire life will be affected. Kidneys are one of them. It plays major role in purification of blood, absorbing back the excess water, maintaining blood pressure, osmolarity of body fluids, helps in production of red blood cells, maintenance of health of bones.
They maintain correct concentrations of salts, ions and water in the body, hence blood pressure is balanced. Body fluids, minerals of blood release metabolites which are balanced by kidneys and the excess water is expelled out.  Kidneys will constantly balance the minerals, sodium, potassium and many other molecules like urea, nitrogen etc. Therefore in maintaining blood pressure and productions of red blood cells kidneys are major regulators.
So, if these vital organs are damaged or infected or do not function properly due to any reason, life will be devastated. The infections to kidneys are silent killers and affect life severely.
Many of them do not recognise infections in early stages. They come to know only at late stages. So whenever you are in doubt rush to hospital for checkups.
Many symptoms of kidney infection are not observed until they fail completely. Tests for urine, blood and blood pressure may help in primary diagnosis.
When kidneys fail, there will secretion of proteins into urine, so simple protein test in urine can diagnose kidney disease. Urinary protein is an indication of long term kidney disease.
To access the full function of kidney Doctors assess the serum creatinine test or glomerular filtration rare (GFR).
To create awareness among people International Nephrology Society (INS) and International Federation of Kidney Foundation (IFKF) are organising world kidney day every year on second Thursday of March. For long term kidney diseases heart diseases are main reason. To educate people about diseases of kidney and how to reduce the chances of kidney infection are main objectives of these organisations.

This is the body waste generated from the muscle activity. This is filtered mainly by kidneys. If kidneys fail to function creatinine levels increase.
To know the function of kidneys or access the GFR creatinine test is done.
GFR determine the functional capacity of kidneys. This is usually 100 ml/minute. If this value decreases below 60 ml/minute, it is necessary to consult a nephrologist. If kidney functions properly, some tablets must be taken at any cost. These are called as ‘Golden Rules’.
Person with good fitness will have optimal levels of blood pressure. By this they can resist long term kidney diseases.
Walking, running, cycling must be done to be active and fit,
More than half diabetic patients suffer from kidney failure. Hence diabetic patients must take care of what they drink or eat. They should constantly undergo kidney function tests.
If kidney damaged because of diabetes is recognised at early stages, treatment is simple. If not it can be life risky process. Control blood sugar levels.
High blood pressure can lead to heart stroke, everybody knows that but many of them don’t know is that it is the most common reason for kidney damage.
Normal blood pressure is 120/80 mm of Hg, if it is 129/89 it is recognised as pre hypertensive and there should be change in eating and life style. If it is more than 140/90 contact your doctor immediately.
Healthy food, balanced diet and body weight will help in controlling diabetes and blood pressure, hence kidney diseases.
Reduce the use of salt, usually 5-6 grams of sodium is enough. Reduce consuming processed restaurant foods,
Blood circulation is decreased in smokers. If kidneys are deprived from proper blood supply their function is affected.
The incidence of kidney cancer in smokers is more than 50%.
Many of them use pain killers like chocolates for any type of pain. This is very bad for kidneys, because the pain killers which are anti-inflammatory drugs damage kidneys.
People suffering from arthritis or back pain should strictly seek doctor’s advice and undergo treatment without affecting kidneys.
If there is a history of diabetes, obesity, hypertension, kidney diseases etc in family, take constant tests for kidney function.


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