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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Health Tests For Females

Many say ‘I am healthy, why should I go for health check up?’ But many internal disorders will not show up soon. In past diseases like Blood Pressure are age specific, which are frequent middle and old ages. But now they are seen very quickly. Hence a medical test in right time can help you before things slip away. Let us know some of those tests!

This is a test to know the incidence or presence of cervical cancer in females.

You sayIt is a painful test

Doctor saysA simple test done in one minute.

When is it needed: When you are having a married life or when you are dating.

When and how many times: This test is done for first time at 21 years of age later once in a year.

How to prepare for test:
1.     No intercourse, tub bath and tampons 24 hours before the test
2.     Not during periods. Inform doctor if you are using birth control pills.
3.     Inform if there are unusual results in past

Red alert: If there are abnormal cells in pap test go for further more tests. To understand about cervix go for colposcopy.  If needed go for biopsy. Sometimes this test is repeated in period of 3 to 6 months.

Statistics: Until 1950 cervical cancer was the major reason for deaths. At that time pap smear test was invented. According to American Cancer Society cervical cancer is third major reason for deaths among females. In developing countries these deaths account for 85%. In India 27% deaths are due to cervical cancer.
How the test is done: Sleep on table and rest legs on stirrups. A small instrument is used to open vaginal lips and a brush is used to collect a smear from cervical canal. The collected sample is placed on slide preservator and is sent for medical tests.

 Blood Pressure Test
You say: Am perfectly healthy, why do I need a blood pressure test or cholesterol test.

Doctor says: Healthy youngsters too can have BP

When is it needed: If you are obese or any history of heart problems in your family.

When and how many times: The cholesterol deposition stars at the age of 20. Once in a year BP test and once five years cholesterol test must be done.

How to prepare for test:
1)      No smoking or coffee 30 minutes prior to test.
2)      No alcohol 48 hours before

Red alert: If blood pressure is equal to more than 140/90 it is classified under Grade-1 hypertension. If the cholesterol levels are more than 200mg/dL, it is high.

Statistics: Heart diseases due to stress are more among females. Due to narrow arteries heart diseases in females is more.

How test is done:  The BP test is done with sphygmomanometer. Changes in heart beat can be recorded with it. Difficulty in breathing and chest pain are recorded by asking the patient.
For cholesterol, lipid levels are recorded. There are two types of lipids High density Lipids (Good Lipids) and Low Density Lipids (Bad Lipids). Triglyceride test is other test for lipids. The optimum levels are:
HDH- 45 and more
LDL- 130 and below
Triglycerides- 150 and below

You say: I don’t have diabetes.

Doctor says: Though there is no risk of this you need to go for the test.

When is it needed: If there is a history of diabetes in your family, if you have high blood pressure or if you are urinating frequently.

When and How many times: If there is no risk you can go for this test once in three years.
Red alert: If you are diabetic in screening test go for further tests. After glucose reading undergo kidney and liver function tests. Doctors may ask for eye test, nervous system test or urine test.

Statistics: Diabetes may show negative effect on oestrogen levels. It may also effects menses, ovulation, sexual desires and type-2 diabetic females are more prone to cancers.
How the test is done: the test depends on the health status. Fasting glucose, 8-10 hours after fasting post meal blood glucose, oral glucose tolerance- to know glucose levels in blood.


You say: I’ve never heard of this test.

Doctor says: This test is done to know about the health of bones.

When is it needed:  When bones are weak, long term pain in bones and joints and if you are consuming 50mg of vitamin D supplements daily.

When and how many times: After you reach 21 years of age and if you are healthy once in year.

How to prepare for the test: Four hours prior to test don’t eat anything.

Red alert:  If the test is positive, you are not exposed to proper sunlight and vitamin D levels are low in the food you consume. Females require nearly 1000 units of vitamin D per day. Hence stay in sunlight during evenings, drink milk, eat apples and pomegranates. Reduce the use of vitamin D supplements.

Statistics: If you consume excess calcium supplements you are at risk of osteoporosis. Excess vitamin D supplements will damage kidneys and blood vessels.
How test is done: Blood from elbow is drawn for the test.

You say: I will examine on my own.

Doctor says: The clinical test we do is correct.

When is it needed: When there is a history of breast cancer in your family, if there is oozing of liquid from breasts or when you feel the presence of any hard tissue in breast.

When and how many time: This test must be done once in every year after 20 years of age. Mammogram (x-ray of breast) is dine once in every year after 40 years of age.
Red alert: Even a small calcium deposition can be seen in mammogram hence ultra sound or MRI should be done

Statistics: Breast cancer is second to lung cancer in females. According to American Cancer Society every year 1.3 million women are diagnosed with breast cancer and out of them 465,000 women are dying.


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