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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Visit The Sacred and Beautiful India

Bengal TigerImage via Wikipedia
Tourism in India is the biggest group of service in India. About 500,000 people visit India from other countries while about 560 million visit from within India itself.
World tourism and counsel stated that India is the new emerging hot spot in the world. According to reports in 2007, India was ranked 6th in tourism in the world.
Sacred places, temples, forests, lakes, beautiful locations are the main centers of tourism in India, Taj Mahal being the most popular(8th wonder of the world). Every year about 3 million tourists visit Taj Mahal. Tamil nadu is the most visited state in India by foreigners.

With different cultures of dance, mountain ranges, beaches, forests Andhra Pradesh is enriched with elite heritage.
Hyderabad, called as City of Nizam or City of Pearls has a wide variety of places to visit.
Sacred places like Tirupati- Temple of Lord Venkateshwara is the Largest pilgrim center of the world and it is the most visited place in the world. Every day around 50,000 to 100,000 people visit Tirupati.
Other famous places include Srisailam, Pancharama, Yadagiri Gutta, the 1000 pillar temple in Warangal, Amaravathi, Nagarjuna hill, Bhattiprolu, Ghantasala, Paavuraala konda etc.
Vishaka Gold Beach, Borra caves, Araku valley, Horsley hills, Paapi Kondalu etc attract with their natural beauty.

This land is popular as God's Place. People believe God's lived here. The world's second largest pilgrim center Sibari mala is located here.
Hill stations like Munnar is also very popular. Kochi, Alleppey are most popular in Kerela. The beautiful Kovalam Beach is also very popular for its beauty.

It attracts most of the tourists form other countries. Tawang Buddhist Monastery is most popular.
Ziro, Namdapha Tiger project, The hanging bridge over Sela lake are very famous.
Arunachal Pradesh is also famous for its cultural festivals.
The sacred places include Rukmini nagar(known as the place where Rukmini, Lord Krishna's wife is born here), Parasuram kund(known to wash away all sins of human) etc

Punjab is famous for wide variety of foods, cultures and history.
Amritsar, Chandigarh, Ludhiana are famous cities. The Golden City of Amritsar and Wagah Border are famous places. Villages and towns of Punjab will be like green carpets with lots of plantations and trees.

The middle state in eastern India also popular as the gate way to "seven sister states"
Khaziranga National park and Manas National park are famous for wild life which are under UNESCO world heritage. Majuli island in river, historical Siva sagar are in kingdom of Assam. Assam is also famous for tea plantations and is the largest producer of tea in India

Bihar has history of 3000 years. It is famous for oldest constructions and monuments.
It is related to Aryabhatta, King Ashoka and Chanakya. Buddha gaya, the place where Lord Buddha enlightened, known as Bodhimandala is located in Bihar.
The capital city Patna is known for Royal architecture. The worlds biggest stupa of Lord Buddha is located in Kesariya.
The world's oldest university, The Nalanda University is located in Bihar

Beaches- is what Goa famous for. It is also famous for Portuguese Churches. The Goa Carnival celebrated once in every year for three days is world wide famous

Nilagiri mountains, also known as Blue mountains is a UNESCO world heritage area. It is the state which attracts most of the tourists from other countries. It is the biggest shopping center. Known for medical tourism.
Tamilnadu has more then 34,000 temples and is famous for silk sarees. Meenakshi temple, Tanjore Brihadeeshwar temple, Sri rangam Ramaswamy Temple are sacred.Kanyakumari( which stands on three seas) is the place where Indian ocean, Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea meet.
Yercaud, Kodaikanal and Ooty are famous hill stations.

There are many things present that attract tourists to Delhi. Since many kings and rulers have ruled Delhi, they have left their architectural style.
Lotus temple is the main attraction.
Tughlaqabad for, Qutub minra, Lodhi gardens, Jama Masjid, India gate, Humayun tomb, Lakshminarayan temple, Aksharatham are Delhi's major attractions.

Sacred, devoted, religious, cultural mixture is what shows up in Orissa.
The world famous temples are Puri Jagannath Templa and Konark Temple.

The Gol gumbaz dome in Bijapur, Karnataka is the world's second largest pre-modern dome. Karnataka ranks 4th in India's tourism centers. Kadamba's, western gangas. Chalukyas, Hoysala's were the major rulers of Karnataka. They constructed magnificient monuments and temples of Buddhism and Jainism. This state is also famous for water falls. Jog falls is the highest waterfall in India. It is unique in its fall, since it does not stream on to rocks and falls directly(untiered).
There are 21 wild life sanctuaries. 5 national parks, more than 500 bird houses, several beaches and rock climbs.

Manipur is famous for martial arts, dance, sculptures and theaters. The weather will be awesome and soon will get you into the natural pleasantness.
Loktak lake and Govindaji temple are famous

Called as heart of India. Present in UNESCO's world heritage. Khajuraho is worldwide famous. Gwalior fort is also popular. The number of tigers in this state are more than any other state, hence known as 'Tiger State'.
In Madhya Pradesh, there will mixture of Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, Sikhism and  Jainism cultures.

Maharashtra ranks 2nd in attracting foreign visitors in India. Every year 200,000 tourists visit from other countries.
Ajantha, Yellora caves and Chatrapathi Shivaji Terminal are in UNESCO's world heritage. Mumbai is center for Bollywood. Elephenta caves, Kolhapuri Maha lakshmi Temple, Shiridi, Nasik, Aurangabad are major attractive.

Meghalaya consists of dense forests. Mountaineering, rock climbing, trekking, hiking, water sports are major attractions. Cherrapunji was once the most wettest place on the earth, but now it ranks 2nd. 
Elephant falls, Shadthum falls, Veeniya falls, sweet falls are famous

Has four coastal areas. Beautiful buildings , churches, temples are seen in french style.
One must visit Aravalli for sure for its beauty.
This is called as Happy Land. Trekkers adventure is favorite spot for lovers.
Darjeeling is also a beautiful place.

Also known as God's Residence.
The famous 'Char Dham' meaning Four abodes or seats, which includes Bhadrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri and Yamunotri is highly visited pilgrimage center.

It is the largest state of India. Taj Mahal of Agra is world wide famous.
Varanasi, Kanpur, Lucknow, Ayodhya, Madhura are famous tourist spots.

Rajasthan means Land of Kings. The Thar Desert is largest desert of India.
Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Mount Abu, Pushkar, Udaypur are major cities.

All these are a few places among many of them. Its a land where you can find beauty in almost every part. This is the land with many cultures and rituals where you can find Unity in Diversity.
So, visit, cherish and enjoy the beauty and history.


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