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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Tips for bloggers to do and not to do before and after posting.

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Many bloggers spend most of their time in thinking what to publish or write on their respective blogs. Fine!! It is good. But what do most of them don't think is that how to present their article or post, what type of keywords are to be used and how to reach the audience after publishing it.

Well I guess, this is the most important step which many bloggers have to concentrate. These steps are an important part of SEO which drives good traffic to your blog/site as well as indexes your site in Google search results.

Let us find out what things you should do and not to do before and after posting.

Bloggers should understand that the content they are about to publish can be found in one or the other site. To drive traffic to yours, you have to compete with such similar articles. To impress visitors all you need is how unique is your content from others and how good is your presentation. You have to beat others to win the competition.

This is the primary rule for every blogger. Uniqueness.

2)Do not spam:
What does actually mean spam? Copying content from other sites or just sending tons of links or mails to other users? Well both are considered as spam.

There are few other things bloggers should have a note about spamming:
  • Never submit your post link or site's link to search engine directories more than once. Once you've submitted, it is enough. Search engine directories will look after it. Don't continuously spam your submission. If you do so, you are at risk to be marked as spammer.
  • Don't continuously email to the users or followers or subscribers. An email a day is very much fair enough. If you keep on sending emails many times a day, users will mark you spam or unsubscribe from your news letter. This is also not good for you in terms of website ranking by Google (since you are marked as spam) and also you will loose your valuable customers.
These are the two basic things that bloggers should keep in mind to avoid being marked as spam other than copying content from other sites or blogs.
All of you should know that copying is a very big offense and you will be definitely marked as spam.

3)Have an idea:
  What type blog are you going to start or what is your niche is utmost important. You should have a clear vision about what are going you to deliver through your articles to your audience. I love technology and SEO and this is what majority of topics are being covered in my blog.

So have a clear vision about what you are going to publish about and present in your site in future. Try to focus on few topics rather than covering all topics which makes your blog as mixed fruit salad. Salad is good to eat but not good for blogging. Search engines will get confused to index your site in search results. Since there will be many keywords if you cover several topics related to several categories, search engines will not be able to reach your exact  niche.

Focus on your niche, research what content is being searched more, what area is your expertise and have a good start with that.

4)Research, research, research:
Yes! Research in every area of your blog. Research about what you are going to publish, research about good  keywords, research about good themes/templates, research about how you are going to present your blog/site, research which searches are driving traffic, research in every area you can.

Now plan everything after your research is done and approach appropriately. It all depends on your personal evaluation even though you have a clear idea about all things you've researched.

5)Learn how to reach your audience:
You may have a good article but a proper way of presentation and approach helps in reaching audience effectively. For example you may have an online business which other webmasters/bloggers also have, the difference is how do you provide your business more effectively than others.

A good information with contact and address details will attract more audience. Vague and confusing details will make users divert away from your site. Be good and simple with your information.

6)Good Title and description:
 A good title and description will help in many ways.
  • It will help you to index your site in search results.
  • Gains you popularity.
  • Attracts more users.
 Have a simple and decent title. Know that a good title will make your site/blog more appealing.

7)Use Google Web Master tools:
Google web master tools is a great way to monitor your site. You can know what search queries are indexing your site in Google search results. You can also monitor about how many users clicked after your site is indexed in search results. You can  also monitor for errors, demographics and many more.

Add your site to Google web master tools, verify your site and then you can regularly check your site for errors and queries.

8)Speed of your site:
If you are have a personal domain or site make sure that your server speed is good and site loads quickly. even bloggers should be aware of this. Too much of flash content, advertising links and banners will cost your site loading speed. Avoid much of slashing content that makes your site or server slow down.

9)Don't use link exchange or automated softwares:
Never participate excessively in link exchanges. This will result in spamming rather than gaining back links or traffic. You can exchange links by posting your link in a high ranking site. This is done by asking the webmaster of that particular site.

Never use automated softwares which promise to give you high quality of back links or traffic. I have discussed this in my previous article in detail.

The main aim of bloggers or webmasters is to drive traffic to site and get top position in Google search results in their respective niche. Follow some simple tips which help you in making a decent site/blog that gains more traffic and indexing your site in top position.

Thank You.
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