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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Youth Breakups and divorce

Selfishness will create disturbances... Ego will be a wall between your hearts... Financial independence will create loop holes... Resulting in increase of ‘youth singles’. What are the reasons behind these? How to solve these problems?
X and Y are wife and husbands. They have good jobs. Earning is good. But they lack happiness. After few days after marriage a doubt started in their minds, who got upper hand in house? There started the fight and issue went up to divorce. But shockingly their ages are below 30. Within one year they became single again.
Youth singles are increasing at a rate of 70% a year in India. It is more metro cities. 100 couples are getting divorce per day.  People who don’t like to approach a judge are settling their matters outside the court and getting divorce.
People who start their life with marriage take many oaths to stay together, make their life more beautiful than they expected. But suddenly many of them are breaking up. Misunderstandings , physical abuse or other sexual relationships can be considered as a reason to get divorced. But majority of youth which are getting divorced have reasons which are solvable up to 90%. Let us look into some major reasons which make youth singles:
Financial independence:
There is no difference between males and females, both of them are getting into jobs. This independence should be a strong foundation for a family. On the contrary it is increasing over confidence among them and creating a feeling that I can live on my own. Some of them feel that marriage is an obstacle for their enjoyments, parties. So they are breaking up as soon as they get a chance.
Mental stress:
Work stress at office, mental stress is quite common among youth. Loosing temper for small issues, fighting with partner increases the distance among them.
Sexual relations:
Having sexual relations with others will push the relations into a black hole.
“My kids’ life is more important than mine” is what couples feel. There is an increase in couples who feel “Breaking up is far better than living with him/her”.
Narrow mindedness:
Though they have been married for years, they create a difference among their families “my parents and relatives is no more your issue”. This kind of feeling is increasing especially among the couples when both of them are employed.
Small family:
There is a rapid decrease in the number of joint families. An elderly counselling is needed when couples are in trouble which not available.

Many couples are breaking with some of the reasons above. But later when they question themselves ‘am I leading a life a wished for’. Many of them say NO. Many youth singles wish to lead life alone. Sexual relationships, mental stress is quite common among them. In few cases children are victims of parents’ mistakes’. This will affect their hearts and their future is affected seriously. Such children are choosing illegal paths.
·         Mutual respect and understanding
·         Don’t over think even for small issues
·         Think about children’s future
·          Stay away from issues which cause mental stress
·         If there are any differences among you, solve them together
·         Spend time with your partner
·         Take responsibilities and spread love without expecting.


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