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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Select Your Rare Dog

Wife and husband are busy with jobs, children busy with school and homework. Loneliness everywhere. Desperately looking for company. Hence there is increase in pet culture and people are getting relief from their loneliness.
World is so busy, many social networking sites are not increasing the relations on the contrary they are increasing the distance between relations. Still there is a loophole... Human relations are turned to financial relations resulting in a bond with pets. Because of their unconditional love, people are getting their mental stress out and getting peace of mind.

Pet culture was a status symbol in middle of 19th century. Rich and royal people only used to have pets. But nowadays this culture has spread to middle class families too. In Japan the number of pets is more than kids below 15 years. People take care of their pets more than their children. This resulted in emergence of doggy gyms, hotels, spas, massage centres. Even there are pet airways. These evidences indicate how much there is increase in pet culture. In some countries there is tax exemption of $3,500 if they have pets at home.
Like we have a choice for dress style, designs, ornaments people urge for a variety of pet they want. Though there are many kinds of animals, dogs take the top position. Though leading dog breeds like Lab, pug, terrains, spaniel etc take major position many are searching for very rare breeds and raising them. So let us have a look at those rare breeds.
  •  When Shar pei dog sleeps it will look like a folded turkey towel. Its loose skin is a symbol of its fighting skill.
  • The Chinese Crested looks very funny with hair only on its head, legs and tail.
  • The Chow Chow dog will look like a male lion. It has a great demand in china because of its fur.
  •  Very large Neapolitan Mastiffs are very intelligent dogs. Italians are crazy about them.
  •  With small size, large ears and eyes Chiwawa dogs look pretty cute and gained a celebrity status. People often feel that “hey I think mouse is the ancestor of this dog”
  • Cesky terriers have small legs and long body. These dogs suite very best for apartment culture, they adjust themselves even if you don’t take them out. 
  • If you want a small dog which learn very quickly and for house guarding Havanese are good. They mingle with you like family members and good friends for children.
  • Weighing about 6 to 20 pounds the Miniature poodles are very friendly dogs and very good at socialization. 
  • Having a split nose is the identity of Catalburun dog. These turkey dogs’ excellent sniffing power and are very good hunting dogs.
  • Having a monkey like expression the Affenpinscher have round eyes, small nose and square face. It is also called as Monkey terrier.
  • The Bishon frise dogs are called as people dogs and easily socialize with people as well as other animals. Looking pretty cute with puff ball coat, they can’t tolerate loneliness. Always need a company.
  • The Korean jindo is magnificent hunting dog. They like their own hunt. If their prey is too heavy to carry, they remember the place of kill, come back home and will take its owner to that place even if it is too far.
  • The Royal English families are impressed with Pembroke dogs. They have excellent learning ability and learn tricks very quickly.
  • Shih Tzu dogs are found in Chinese royal families. I guess because of having silky fur, this dog is very proud one.
  •  Miniature Schnauzer is very good watch dog.  It has furry beard and moustache.
  •  The Hungarian tiger dogs are renowned for their corded coat. It will take years for this coat to develop. While other dogs near to their retirement, these dogs develop this coat.

If I keep on writing... numerous varieties. To the existing varieties new varieties are easily created with dogs. Hence dogs are best friends of man.


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