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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Reasons and Remedies for fatigue and Tiredness

Severe fatigue. It feels like the whole day is dull. Body will not cooperate for any work. Many of them are facing this situation. How to overcome this?

  • Sleeplessness:  It doesn’t matter how long you are on bed, how long you’ve slept counts. Adults need a minimum of 7-8 hours of sleep while children need still more. You feel tired if you don’t have sufficient sleep.

Give importance to sleep. Everyday sleep at a same time.

  • Snoring: Many of them think, the more we snore the deep is the sleep. But snoring is the main enemy for proper sleep. It will interfere with respiration in between and you may be disturbed with your dreams, finally you wake up in the middle. This will deprive the quality of sleep. You will feel tired.

Take advice of doctor if snoring is troubling you too much.

  • Insufficient sleep: Eating less food than required, food with low nutrition value both of them effects your body severely. You will lose weight and creates tiresomeness.

Take breakfast daily. Don’t eat tons in a single meal rather eat a little in frequent intervals. Eat fruits and raw vegetables.

  • Low blood: The main reason for developing quick fatigue in ladies is anaemia. Due to low iron in food there will be decrease in blood quantity resulting in tiredness. If there are enough red blood cells which carry oxygen to all your body parts then only you can feel energetic.

Take food which contains surplus iron levels. Leafy vegetables, meat, fish and cereals contain lot of iron. If needed take iron capsules.

  • Diminishing energy: If you are mentally depressed and inactive you no longer feel the energy inside you. This is a psychiatric issue. This will not only cause tiredness but also severe headache, decrease in appetite. They all result in low energy levels and quick fatigue.

Contact psychologist and take proper advice if you are suffering from any mental depressions and problems.

  • Dull thyroid: Thyroid hormone keeps the body active. If this gland doesn’t function properly there will be decrease in basal metabolic rate resulting in tiredness, laziness and increased sleep.

You can assess the function of thyroid with blood tests. If tests prove that there is hypothyroidism take medication without fail.

  • Increased coffee: Coffee or tea will make body active, increases concentration if we consume within limits. If this consumption exceeds the limit caffeine levels increase inside the body and will cause severe fatigue.

Decrease the frequency of coffee consumption. Replace coffee with energy drinks.

  • Invisible diabetes mellitus: Many of them say increased thirst, hunger and urination are symptoms of diabetes but the main symptom of diabetes is tiredness. Though there will be increased glucose levels in blood, body will not be able to utilize it.

Go for blood test and check for diabetes.  If there is increased glucose levels seek for treatment immediately.


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