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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Amazing benefits of a Smile

Laughing wholeheartedly is healthy. We all know that laughing is healthy. When we laugh we feel relaxed and our heart will feel healthy. It is for that very reason that our cultures, music and arts give very much importance to comedy.

It’s a true treasure when we laugh wholeheartedly. Experts reveal that having a good smile on your face and moving on with positive confidence is very healthy.

Some people naturally be idle and will not respond to any hilarious incidents. They won’t bother minor or simple issues. They won’t laugh at jokes. People like this will suffer from long term stress and natural dementia. They will be consistently depressed on any issue and will not be happy always.

Positivity and negativity will reveal the status of heart. These states will depend upon the family situations and people will be according to that. So if we change the atmosphere so as we can ourselves.

Laugh is natural. It is essential as much as air we breathe every second. Accidentally it will give all the relaxation. A person’s mood can be changed with a simple, wholehearted laugh. It will keep away the depressions. Surprising healthy secrets are hidden within a smile. Do you know a smile will keep us away from cancer and also enhances the life expectancy. It also strengthens the immune system.


No doctor prescribes you to take aspirin tablets to watch Laurel and Hardy movies. No medication is necessary if we watch these series of episodes and it’s true. Let us further know the benefits of smile:

 Our body responds very well to get out depression if we laugh out loud... LOL. If we laugh happily depression will leave us. We will be surrounded by positive thoughts and will enhance health.

 A smile or big laugh has power to suppress the enzymes which induce cancer or tumours. It will suppress the onco viruses(cancer inducing viral infections)

 Laughing in a relaxed mood will enhance the production of IgA antibodies which will fight infections of respiratory tract.

 It will also enhance the production of IgB as well as the globulin protein which are very essential for the manufacture of immunoglobulins. These immunoglobulins fight the infections and either they destroy the infected cells or deactivate them.

 The best medicine to get out of depression is smile. People who lead a smiley life will live longer. They will have very less health problems.


Survey on the effect of smile on people who have cardiac attacks or who underwent bypass surgery revealed following secrets:

 When they saw comedy scenes arteries expanded by 22% and enhanced the better flow of blood.

 People who underwent cardiac operations laugh very often. These people have to learn to laugh as a part of their daily workouts.

 Smile is wonderful antidepressant. It is just like yoga. Depression will inhibit the production of catecholeamines and hormone cortisol. So when you get out of depression the opposite are the effects and it is possible with a loud laugh.

 A smile will increase the oxygen content in blood. This blood will be circulated to the muscles of small intestine and respiratory system which will improve their condition.

 The negative thoughts will run away as we start laughing. Natural analgesic (pain killer) of body enkaphalin will be released.

 When we laugh out loud the carbon dioxide inside our expelled out in a very good away. Oxygen content increases. Cancer patients can control cancer when they will be happy always.


People will be attractive when they are happy. Smiling is one of the physical sign of attraction. People who can enjoy the depth of the smile can drive away their depressions and can move on with positive attitude and we need to expect that.

If you want people around to appreciate you, you should wear a whole hearted smile on your face always. While laughing hormone serotonin is released in brain. This happy hormone will spread to entire body and keeps us relaxed and sweet.

SUMMARY (Benefits of Laughter)

The best medicine for mental and physical stress is smile. The benefits of smile are:

• Reduction of depressing hormones: A smile will reduce at least 4 of the neuroendocrine hormones which cause depression especially the hormones epinephrine, cortisol, dopak and growth hormone

• Blood pressure: Blood pressure will be reduced when we laugh out loud

• Respiratory tract benefits: If we laugh out loud, the expelled air is much more than we inspire. This will empty the lungs and will be cleaned. As lungs are cleaned when we take a deep breath and release the same happens when we laugh. It is very useful for people having respiratory problems and also useful for controlling cancer of respiratory passage. Since there is rapid outflow of air while laughing the air bags will be cleaned regularly.


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