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Thursday, June 17, 2010


They were the hot favorites, they were the previous champions of fifa, they were 2009 Euro cup champions, and they had best players of the world. But still victory laughed at them.

This is what Spain faced yesterday at Moses mabhinda stadium.this is  the most disappointing defeat of Spain in hands of Switzerland. Though statistics reveal that Spain had upper hand in ball possession (63%) and committed less number of fouls than Swiss they faced an insulting defeat. Swiss faced 4 yellow cards while none for Spain. Spain got 7 corners while Swiss got 3.on whole Spain shot 21 times towards goal post but they failed to turn none of them to a goal. Though in first half Spaniards were very aggressive, in second half Swiss also came for attacking and in 52nd minute Swiss forward Gelson fernandez with his quick moves and presence of mind made the goal and gave victory to Switzerland. Three fourth of the stadium was filled with fans of Spain and with this goal there was utter silence in the stadium and fans were deeply disappointed (including myself)

Star player of Spain, Fernando torres didn't played for first half. in second half though he showed his aggression Swiss defenders blocked well and didn't gave much chance to make a goal .the entire credit goes to fernandez and swiss defense.

as I said in my previous post that Spain was one among top 5 teams in winning this world cup and also according to public view, most of them are disappointed by this defeat. Switzerland made history by defeating Spain and putting an end to winning streak of Spain (their last defeat was in confederation cup last year against USA and from then they had 12 straight wins)


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