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Friday, May 21, 2010


Thought to get relief from this scorching sun by a low pressure in bay of Bengal which turned into cyclone "laila" and devastated entire coastal Andhra. Sustaining since 3 days at last it crossed near bapatla yesterday. Reaching towards shore it ravaged prakasham district. guntur, krishna districts have rampaged by this terrific cyclone. Winds blowing at a speed of 100kmph have rooted out many trees, current poles, banners and boards etc. There is severe interruption in transport, communication and power. There was a record rainfall of 54cm in various villages of srikakulam, vizianagaram ,vishakapatnam, east and west godavari, krishna and prakasham there was about 10cm rainfall in about 88 mandals and another 144 mandals there was 5-10cm rain fall.
There are no much victims of death. According to records 22 deaths have been reported. But huge economic loss.huge loss incurred in mango, chiku, orange and papaya farms. There is loss to salt dumps in about 4k acres. Tobacco and rice crops are severely affected. In total there a loss of about 200 million rupees. Continuous rainfall recorded in several places of telangana and rayalaseema also national rescue team has come to aid along with military forces. Naval boats arrived at west godavari coast for rescue services. Rescue teams have been sent to every district for aid.

now laila's movement is still uncertain. At Thursday night it is stable at machilipatnam. It is presently located off the sea and is slowly moving towards north.if it changes its direction again towards sea, there might be chances of regaining its strength again. Govt is pre planed to face any situation.

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  1. These all became quite common in this mundane world.

    This can never be stopping unless all the activities opposing nature are halted as we cant seclude any of them


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