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Sunday, June 24, 2012

How to increase page rank of your website easily?

How to increase page rank?
Publishing articles and updating your blog or site is one of the basic step that every blogger should do to increase website traffic and make the site crawl into search engine giants' directories. But page rank is what every webmaster will dream of. Increasing page rank is the main goal of many webmasters, which they work very hard on it.

To increase page rank there are some simple ways with which you achieve it easily and quickly.

So first let us know what is Page rank and How it helps in indexing your site/blog to number one in their  directory.
In simple rank indicates the value of the link/site/blog. The higher the  page rank value higher is the worthiness of the site. Page rank mainly depends on the number of incoming links. The higher the number of links higher is the page rank. Even the quality of incoming links is important. An incoming link from a poor, low quality website that doesn't have much quality content and traffic is of no use. So quality of the incoming links also facilitates the quality of your page rank.

A page rank is graded from 0 to 9.
0(zero) page rank means that the site has no significance or no incoming links or not indexed
1 and 2 page rank has a very low significance.
3 and 4 page rank  has average significance.
5and 6 page rank is above average, meaning good.
7, 8 and 9page ranks  are exceptional with 9 page rank as an extraordinary site.

Page rank is the quality and quantity of the incoming links. Our aim is to increase the number of incoming links. Let us learn how to increase the number of incoming links.

1)Submit to Search Engine Directories.
Submitting site to search engine directories not only helps you  to increase page rank but also helps in indexing the site in search results (crawling). If your website's/blog's link is listed in the directory of search engine they will evaluate your quality of your content and check for duplicate content. Then they will index your site in search results. This will help to increase traffic as well as page rank because the quality of your incoming link is from a search engine which is obviously of high quality. Regularly submit your content to as many search engine directories as possible.

Submit here:

There are few online sites that offer multiple search engine submissions at one place. You can google it once.

2)Participate in High page rank forums
This is one of the best way and quickest way to increase page rank. Participating actively in high page ranked forums and leaving your site's URL in discussions and forums will gain you excellent incoming links. These high quality forums include:

Warrior Forums 
Black hat forums 
Adobe Forums 
Mozilla Forums 
Joomla Forums 
Feedburner forums 

Participate in these forums and include link of your website wherever you can. You will note the difference in few days.

3)Guest Blogging:
This method of back linking your site on other high page ranked blogs is gaining popularity now a days . This method is quite easy and you will easily get huge amounts of traffic as well. Guest blogging includes writing articles on behalf of other blogs, commenting on other blogs and writing reviews of other blogs. This method is quite similar to what you do on your blog. So this is not much difficult to you.

Keywords play very important role in crawling your web to search engine directories. Keywords are those words which are used to describe your content of your article briefly. In other sense they are the words that users search for. Good quality of keywords to a quality content always enhances the chances of your site to be indexed by the search engine. The key words should be relevant to the content you are publishing. Keywords which are not relevant or irrelevant to the content are either not indexed or marked as spam by the search engine bots.

Have a good idea about keywords. Know how to use keywords correctly. Select high quality of keywords. You can use Google Adwords Kewordy Tool to research about this.

5)Social Bookmarking:
Many of us have social networking profiles with good number of friends and good profile. Why don't we share our article when we are so good? So share your content or a published article on social networks every time you publish a new article. Beware that this doesn't mean that you get quality links or traffic. You must have good communication with your friends so that many of them check your site and they too share again. This helps in building a chain system which will enhance the number of pages which have your site's link. So social bookmark your site to as many social bookmarking sites as possible every time you publish or update your site.

NOTE: Don't constantly post your site's same link to many social websites frequently. This may be considered as SPAM.

6)Never Use Automated submission softwares:
There are many softwares available on internet which promise you to submit your site to high quality sites to get back links and also submit to search engine directories. You can say this is quite easy when the work is done automatically without much effort. Well I say it is easy but of no value.
Let me give you an example. Suppose you have an article about Nutrition. This article falls under category of health (Broad classification). But under category health there are several sub-categories in which Nutrition or Diet is a part of it. An automated submitting software will not sub-categorize your article while submitting. This lets the software to submit your article under Health but not in sub-category Nutrition. This does not index your article when a user searches about nutrition and your content will not be seen at all in search results. So my suggestion is not to use an automated submitting software.

7)Unique Content:
Though I may have posted this as 7th point, this is my top priority. The quality and uniqueness of your article or content is what a search engine will look for. This is what indexes your site in search engine directories. A lengthy content which have "cock and bull" stories is of no use. A content with too many links is also not a quality content.
Have a unique content which is not a copied one. A replicated content also has nothing to do with uniqueness no matter how special the article is, since it is a copied and always marked as copied.  Do a research before publishing. Since you find many similar articles on internet which you are about to publish make sure how different yours is from others. A quality presentation will obviously attract many visitors.
"Coffee is sold in many hotels, but the hotel which provides coffee with a good taste, presentation and service will attract more customers"

Apply this simple rule to your content.

8)Have a Good Theme (Template) for your site/blog:
Do you know that even templates/themes play role in search engine optimization (SEO). Yes a good user friendly template that doesn't have too much of ads or links and that is appealing to visitors will obviously impress them. They will like to visit back again and may also make your visitors to share your site. This will help in increasing the sites linking to you. So have a good template with which the visitor will feel to come back and is SEO friendly.

9)Back links:
This is the very important in boosting your page rank. Gaining links to your site from other sites is a little bit difficult but is very much useful in increasing page rank as well boosting up your traffic.

NOTE: Never use automated submission softwares to gain back links. There are many softwares out there in market which promise you to give huge number of back links in few days for few bucks. This is nothing but emptying your pocket. I personally used a automated software before and I felt that I've spent money for nothing. One of the back link given by that software came from site I don't know what the hell is that site and what is the quality, quantity and page rank of that site. This is what the quality of the back links given by an automated submission software.

So never go for them. To get quality back links to your site you need to search for a similar website or content first. Then contact the webmaster and request to place your link in their site. This is the exact method of gaining quality and quantity back links. This may be a difficult process but it is the best process.

10)Finally - Keep updating and exchanging links:
Update your site/blog at least twice a week and keep exchanging your links with appropriate sites and forums as mentioned above along with social bookmarking.

All these procedures will obviously enhance your page rank as well as traffic. But be patient, nothing gives you result in an overnight.

Hope my article helped you and gave you an idea about increasing your page rank. Please share and comment.

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