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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Mango ROMs for HTC WP7!

Folks, you may be waiting eagerly for the arrival of the Mango updates. Here it is, if you use HTC made Windows Phone 7 device, you got the treat now that means Mango officially released for many of its models have just been leaked.
Today ROMs are available for the Gold (Pro), Mozart, Spark (Trophy) and Schubert (HD7). The only one missing is said to be the Mondrian (Surround). Mostly these sorts of ROMs are used for the European versions of headsets, though there is one for the Trophy on Version. The final manufacturers released the new version as the Mango 7720.68.
Kindly take caution, if you are going to use your hand at installing one of these ROMs. And if one has fiddled around with the phone’s Secondary Program Loader at all, either with a reloaded or hard SPL, one is going to have to take special care to get your phone into a good state before attempting to flash Mango.
The alternative is bricking your phone, so if one is not sure about your phone is in proper state, then better they have to sit on this. Hope this new update will be more useful to you all... 

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