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Saturday, August 27, 2011

How to unlock/jailbreak your iphone without computer?

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Unlock your iphone without using computer

Many of you get failures while unlocking or jailbreaking your iphone by connecting to PC or MAC with the help of custom unlocking softwares developed by many hardworking developers but as a user many of you prefer to jailbreak your iphone without complicated processes, so here is the guide to jailbreak your iphone without connecting to PC.

NOTE: You MUST have a wifi connection so that you can use your iphone to access over internet without using computer.

STEP 1: Open Settings on your iphone and activate wifi. Connect to any wifi connection you have.

STEP 2: Open safari and type the URL Then you will get an option slide to jailbreak/unlock

STEP 3: It will unlock and as well as jailbreak your iphone of any version automatically and will install Cydia.

STEP 4: After the process is complete now you have to open Cydia and and install ultrasn0w from packages or resources option or you can even custom search it from Cydia.

That's it now your iphone is jailbroken and unlocked. Is it not simple. All you need is a wifi connection for the whole process. Enjoy!!!

NOTE: This will work on iphone of version below 4.0 only. Cheers!!!


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