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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Top 5 Internet Security Suites 2011

Many of you search which is the best antivirus over internet. But you have to know the difference between antivirus and internet security suite.

An antivirus doesn't have a firewall, parental controls, anti phishing control, user control etc.  Internet security has all features including powerful antivirus in it. So it's better to have internet security rather than antivirus alone.

Some of you maintain individual prgrams for individual functions like separate firewall program, separate antivirus, separate malware removal tool. When you have all these in a single engine, there's no need to have all these separately. Having separate programs will impact system's performance too.

Now let us see top 5 Internet Security Suites.

NOTE: This is my personal review and am not evaluating any product. I will give pros and cons only for each of them.

5) Bit Defender Total Security 2011

One of the smoothest and powerful program with all features an internet security suite should have.

Pros: Very easy and quick installation. Has options to toogle between basic, intermediate and advanced user interface.

Cons: Scan is little bit slow. False positives. May freeze your system while scanning.

4) Kaspersky Internet Security 2012

Very powerful real time monitor, with excellent detection rate. The 2012 version has changed the user interface and added new features.

Pros: Superb protection. Excellent detection of viruses and malware. Excellent cleaning and quarantine.

Cons: Freezes your system while scanning. Database update is slaggy. Boot up time is increased drastically.

3) Norton Internet Security

You can see many options as you have never seen on any internet security suite. The new global protection enables to avoid latest virus on board.

Pros: Very quick and easy installation. Consumes less RAM.

Cons: Interface is little bit confusing. May not detect some simple, basic viruses.

2) Avast Internet Security

Two words, powerful and simple. Its real time shields always watch your computers back. Real time monitor is excellent.

Pros: Very low consumption of RAM. Powerful real time shields. Excellent detection.

Cons: Only one, false positives.

1) ESET Smart Security Beta

The best one in my all time experience. Has every features you need. The new version has several advanced features than any other program.

Pros: Excellent program with powerful real time shields. Excellent detection and quarantine. Consumption of RAM is very low. Quick scanning performance.

Cons: Well I couldn't find out any except a little sluggish customer support.


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