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Thursday, June 23, 2011


An ad says ‘An idea can change your life’ Yeah its true, an idea of a scientist changed human life entirely. When radio was invented, it was a revolution. Later television was a super revolution. After the invention of computer it changed every human’s life. The master class achievement in computer is internet. Kicking all these, mobile phone emerged. Where ever you are, how fast you travel, you can talk to your near and dear ones.
In past there were no mobiles, yet mankind was at peace. With the invention of cell phone it not only connected many people but also generated a chill in spine. We fear what had happened when the person doesn’t pick up our call, we fell what might went wrong. We talk to each other every hour. Hence we got a facility to stay in touch with our dear ones and one cannot imagine a world without this facility. And this situation is same with the INTERNET.

Internet came into existence 50 years ago. It is difficult to be without internet connectivity. It erased the distance between the countries. We can exchange information from any corner of the world to anywhere. Initially the idea of internet was different. Single information is used for some organisations. Whenever asked the information is prepared and sent. Instead of preparing every time, it is better to store the prepared information and can be extracted when necessary.
If information of every organisation is stored in a computer and when every computer is linked to one another it forms a net and information can be exchanged between all of them. Since the link forms like a net, they named it as INTERNET.
American security systems first developed this in 1960. Educational universities used internet to exchange information in libraries. The idea of using internet for business created another revolution.
Since then internet spread among us very rapidly. Internet is useful for us in many ways. At present there is no field or organisation which doesn’t use internet.

The word most frequently heard from everyone is ‘net’ and ‘world wide web’ (www). Both are not same. Internet is used to exchange information worldwide where as world wide web (www) is the one that serves on internet. The triple w (www) accesses and stores information, while people can access it from anywhere.
Internet is shortly called as NET. We can find any information on net. There is no age restriction for net usage. Students can get required information easily. Students willing to study in universities of other countries can get information of universities and courses offered.  Job opportunities, present position of previous students etc can be obtained. Every information before admission and for admission will be available.
You can search for jobs after education on net, marriage, cooks recipes, house, lands, properties what not you can find everything you need. The information is thus stored at a place called ‘website’
There are nearly 250,000,000 websites in internet. Almost 3,000,000 new sites emerge every year. Every day nearly 2 billion emails are sent and received.

After the emergence of search engines, you can find anything you seek for. You have to learn how to receive the info.  Google, Yahoo and Apple provide information easily. Wikipedia is one of the major information source you can find on net.  There are coaching centres for students. Counselling, marriage, relations whatever you can get expert advices instantly on net. We can get services from net which we can’t get in our area of residence.
There are medical services online, like e-health, telemedicine etc. Many popular medical institutes are contributing to spread the telemedicine method so as the medical services reach to every part of the world.

Social networking began in year 2000. The popular Facebook and Twitter came into existence nearly 4 years ago. They changed entire way of exchanging information. 2 billion face book users and 1.45 billion twitter users.
Through social networks, people where able to meet their old friends. One can know the public opinion.
Social networking played a main role in election of President Obama. Many users widely propagated their support and respect in social networking sites and it drived many voters towards him.
There are both, pros and cons of social networking. You cannot type whatever you can. You have to choose your words carefully. Many teenagers are attracted towards net friendship. Within limits its good but otherwise situations can be worse. Many of them faced problems by exchanging their photos with unknown persons. If you try to get your old friends back through social networking, its better you do before marriage.
Many cyber attacks have pulled people to humiliation and embarrassment. Cyber police have formulated strict laws for such abuse. Many of them don’t know about these cyber laws. The laws are very strict and you will be in risk if a cyber case is filed against you.

In past, the usage of internet was limited through computers only but now it has extended to mobile phones. Every one with e-mobile connectivity can access the information anywhere any time. It was introduced in America a decade ago. Though it was introduced lately in India the number of 3g users is far more. It is estimated that by 2013 the number of 3g users in India will be around 394 million.
There are many uses of 3g. You can get any information very quickly and great speeds. For example if you wish to go to a movie, you can collect the movie information, rating and also trailers. You can also find in which theatres it is played and even you can book tickets with your mobile.
You can get video services with 3g with great speeds. You can book restaurant tickets with your mobile. You can pay your bills by cash transfer with your  handset.
With the collaboration of high speed broadband mobility with internet 3g technology has outcome as wonderful invention.
3g technology is useful for people of all age groups. You can view every information available in net on your handset. Parents need not strain themselves in teaching their children on a computer. Once they give a website address children can access what they need.
With internet social and financial differences are wiped out gradually. Everyone is equal before net. Everyone can get information they seek for in minutes. Stepping into this world of net is free. But what to and what not to do depends on the awareness of the netizen. Invention of many societies was possible with internet and in future it will progress very rapidly.

Youth is the main master mind behind net. He was 19 when he established facebook. He is the younger billionaire in the world. Mark zuckerburg was able to create a revolution with his social network. Similar attempt was made by Jack with Twitter. He was called as outstanding innovator by the world. At the age of 21 Stave waznik established apple.
One cannot imagine net without google. Sergi mikhailovich was 25 when he started google. World said it as greatest invention.
Sabir Bhatia, founder of Hotmail an Indian was 28 years when he started hotmail. Microsoft purchased hotmail for 400 million dollars.


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