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Friday, July 16, 2010


Teeth give beauty. There are many uses of teeth, to chew the food mainly but sometimes for defense also!!! LOL

Teeth affect our speaking ability. There is an important role of teeth in sex too. Healthy teeth helps in having wonderful sexperience.. oh sorry experience in sex 

Poor oral hygiene results in foul odor and will result in other deleterious results. So there is a need to take care of your teeth daily. So here I present you few tips

Select appropriate tooth brush

There are several kinds of tooth brushes in market. Long, small, variety of designs, variations in arrangement of bristles. And in bristles are long, short, crisscross.. but choosing one among them is difficult. The length of the brush must be 25.4 to 31.8 milli meters, width 7.9 to 9.5 milli meters. Bristles should be at least in 2 to 4 rows and in every row there should be cluster of 12 bristles.

How bristles will be?

Brushing is done with the help of stiff bristles standing on the head of the brush. So the ends of these bristles may be rounded or may vary in their heights. If you use bristles which vary in their heights, constant using make them rounded. Some bristles change their color after using for a period of time. This indicates to change your brush

Soft bristles

The bristles of the tooth brush must be smooth. Hard bristles will harm your teeth. But you should not use too soft bristled tooth brush. Too soft bristles will clean the in between the spaces of adjacent teeth (inter dental gingiva) but they cannot clean or remove plaque on the tooth surface. So use a normal or medial soft bristled tooth brush.

Shape of the brush

Tooth brush has mainly two parts(mainly), the portion containing bristles is called “head” and the part with which we handle the brush is called “handle” so this is the main out outline of the tooth brush and the contour of your tooth brush is your choice. Should the handle be bent or straight is dependent on the comfort of use. Straight brushes will be handy to use. People think if the handle is bent then the brush can reach inner surfaces of the teeth. But its wrong.

Duration of brushing

There is no particular time for how long you can keep on brushing and it doesn’t mean that you can brush for ages or lightening fast. Generally brushing for two minutes will remove majority of the plaque on surfaces of teeth but this is true in people who have their teeth in a normal line without crowding or any mal occlusion. For those who don’t have teeth in normal smile line this brushing time may be prolonged. Depending on the teeth alignment and to reach all the areas of the oral cavity it may take time.

Should we brush with tons of force?

Some people brush in such a way that they are waging a war against them. There is no need to brush with lot of force. The criteria of brushing is to remove plaque from the teeth not cleaning the floor of your house.

Special brushes

There are few brushes which are unique in the arrangement of their bristles. Crisscross bristles, bristles with unique shape in the middle help to clean the teeth more efficiently.

Brushing technique

For every work to be done there is particular procedure for that. In the same way there is a unique method for brushing also. Generally inner aspects and posterior teeth are not cleaned properly. So learning how to clean all the aspects of your teeth may take time and helps in improving your oral hygiene. Don’t keep on rubbing your teeth in a single direction, either horizontally or vertically. Follow circular motion for more cleaning efficiency.

Electric brushes

There are brushes which run through batteries. These brushes are not required for healthy people. People with disability in brushing their teeth require these kind of brushes.

Which brush? Which tooth paste?

Many patients ask their dentists exactly this question. Which company’s tooth brush should I use or which company’s tooth paste should I use? This is what people ask. No one has perfect answer for this. No one can say that a particulars company’s Brush or paste is always perfect or good. With very minor differences almost all tooth pastes are same. So to choose a particular brush and paste it’s a subjective criteria. Choose depending on your comfort. Many companies publicize that their tooth paste is the best in market, but there in no truth in that.

When to change brush

When the morphology of the bristles change you should change. If bristles don’t bend for a long time then it indicates your brushing force is too tender which is not good for you. If they bend too soon then your brushing force is too heavy. Generally brushes get damaged in one or two months. There are brushes in market with indicator colors that show color change which signify its time to change your brush.

Time pass brushing

Some people don’t brush in bathrooms rather they keep the brush in mouth and roam or have a walk, read news papers, watch tv. This is not good. Brushing will not be up to the mark.

So fellas keep your teeth clean, maintain good oral health impress with your broad shining smile and fresh breath.


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