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Thursday, July 15, 2010


A good society’s foundation depends on the intimacy of wife and husband.

To eliminate clumsy signs like selfishness, narrow mindedness, harassment etc and help in expanding the human relationships everyone must play their own significant role.

Marriage is a reflection of social, financial and cultural relationships. Wife and Husband should know what they want. Should listen to each other carefully and clearly. Then they can understand their likes and dislikes. They can understand each other which results in strengthening their bond.

We watch so many couples in our daily life of all age groups. Many long term marriage relations summarize their life time experiences and thoughts to help the coming generations to lead a happy married life. But when one of them asks in the saga of their married life “have you spent every instant of your happily?”… Most of you wont ask this question and if you, then you can expect the answer.


Anger is a part of felling which is expressive type. If things go wrong or not according to your expectation or irritated by a person’s behavior people generally express their anger. It is a human tendency. When you know what is the reason behind your anger you should know how to control it. When your spouse is erupting like a volcano in anger, silence is the best policy you can opt for. When both of you are so short tempered then the condition of the couple is same, so where can be the solution?

In married life small misunderstandings, misconcepts, small fights, anger, compromise etc are quite common. If there are no such things a married life will be too boring.

Sometimes a very small issue may burst out the anger inside you, hurt you. Situational conversation may lead to complication. You may hurt your self respect by trying to satisfy your ego during a small issue and make it a big one. Like drop by drop collects to make a big rain..


Wife and Husband should not be in anger mood at the same time. “Your anger is your enemy” When one of you remains silent while other is angry, situation can be controlled. When both of you yell at each other you will become worthless for your neighbours and you will be hot topic for them.

“Don’t be angry” saying is easy rather than following it coz no sweet home is exception for small irritations. You can forget the pain but controlling the time is difficult.

For instance if wife spends the money for her shopping which was saved by husband for car loan or house loan, he will burst in anger. Wife should be as much silent as possible coz he is rite at that time. This might be common, then how will anger be controlled?? When one of you is bursting out in anger and other remains silent and smiles, anger might come down or may reach to peaks.


When one of you is not angry, shouting at each other can be prevented. In a romance filled couple criticism, misunderstandings will begin. Your voices become sharp and hard. Spears of words will be exchanged. Will criticize each other and you will loose your stability.

Is this all necessary..?? Think once. If you criticize your partner you should do it with love. Mood offs; compromising, teasing and requesting are quite common between wife and husband. Word for a word will result into a fight. Respecting each other rather than cheap criticism is good for both of you. Any big fight is very small in front of relation of wife and husband.

Don’t dig the past. Small fights are quite common and they won’t last long in a married life. What lasts long in your life is love, passion and care. If you wish to continue your married life with these both of you should contribute from your part.


Instead of neglecting each other watch how the world is running. Watch how young couples are spending their lives. Multiple careers, entertainment, tours, future plans, education of their children, their performance in class room etc are the multiple tasks. Are you taking care of your wife who is watching all these around the clock 24x7

“Don’t think that you are the only one who is earning here. Am also earning and along with this house hold work”. If any one of you says this, there will be silence on your partner’s lips.

Little bit of concentration and care will make your relation sweet. To have happiness, name and fame, financial stability, success in your field etc life Partners Company and support are must. Some of you think to change multiple companies or going abroad to different countries for a better prospect. In that instance you should consider your partner’s opinion.

She says “we should be careful and slow regarding this”

He will say “no, it should be done now”

Both of will suffer from sleeplessness. Sleep only when you find a solution for a situational argument. Postpone the issues when there is no common idea among yourselves for few issues. You can’t get solution in a single night.

Discuss peacefully regarding your life and career. Wife and husband doesn’t mean both of you should think the same, it means thinking together and taking decisions together.


Be loving, greet each other warmly at least once in a day. Have interesting gossips. Praise her life style and express your love for her with your actions and words. You should recognize that misunderstandings, misconcepts are very small in your life.

Small mistake happened, words exchanged, temper crossed its limits, hurted each other.. then a silent atmosphere between both of you. In this situation there is no big cure than saying a simple SORRY.

She started the issue she should apologize first… don’t go for such a hasty decisions. You can say sorry by yourself and saying sorry will not let you down. Though its her mistake, keeping it aside if you say sorry to her it will give her a lot of relief and gives her a feeling that she is secured under your care.


Word for word will lead to fight. “Talk less, listen more”. But we behave opposite to this. Who talk more will commit most of the mistakes. So be reserved. Complete silence is absurd. Use your words limitedly rather than being completely silent.

Some words may hurt but some of them will find a cure, they will give peace of mind. There is no happiness in life greater than to know how to solve the issues of life peacefully.


1) Both of you should not be angry at the same time

2) When the atmosphere at home is fragile don’t shout at each other

3) Both of you are wife and husbands. So who ever wins in argument it means you’ve also won

4) Don’t dig the past

5) It doesn’t matter if you don’t bother about the world but you should not neglect each other

6) Appreciate each other at least once in a day. Is there any person who dislikes appreciations???

7) Criticism should be loving and friendly

8) Accept if you commit a mistake and ask for apology

9) Word for word will lead to fights. Be reserved, use your words limitedly.

10) Don’t sleep until you find a solution for an issue or when there is no common opinion regarding an argument.

There is no great teacher than life. It will teach us everything. But sometimes things slip away from our hands by the time life teaches us and we can’t turn back the things. By knowing our simple mistakes and defects we can make lead a happy, loving and wonderful life. No one cares to study an article like this if we learn everything from life.


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