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Sunday, May 27, 2012

How to earn from internet ???- A complete new legit way.

Many of us tried about this, searched and also had very bad experiences too. I guess so!  I have tried many work from home jobs and most of them data entry and content posting type. All of them have proved to be scams and fraudulent. Many of those sites ask for paying some cash to get their survey income kit or so as they describe. They even show you proofs of checks and amounts. Even they show as the check is issued by Google. They are all fake and almost all of them will steal money from you or your bank account if you provide bank details. Here is a way that I will show you how can you best earn from internet:

My first priority goes to hubpages. This is a website with great chances of earning revenue. All you have to do is write some decent unique, non-copied articles.
Hubpages generates revenue by various ad programs. They include, Google adsense, Chitika, Amazon, ebay and Hubpages own ad revenue program. So many chances of ad revenues. This site also has forums and discussions which are classified under various categories, question and answers section and many more. Give a try and you will like it for sure.

Three words for this site, best, simple and easy. You can earn by just asking questions and giving answers. This site shares revenue with Google adsense. So join this site and earn by simply asking good questions and decent answers.

Another article publishing site which is quite similar to hubpages. I will not mention in detail because it is nothing different from hubpages except user interface and other tweaks.

This is a simple how-to article publishing site. It is a very simple and decent earning site. A great way for back links too. Write good how-to articles for potential income.

A very simple and flexible way. No terms and conditions because you are the owner of the blog, you can create or break rules. It is your way. Publish decent content and get decent traffic. Now how will you earn with a blog? Well there are many ways, you can apply for ad revenue programs like adsense, chitika, kontera, bidvertiser, adbrite etc. Once you get their approval publish ads on your blog or a site. Other ways of earning with blog is affiliate marketing. You can learn more about affiliate marketing by searching on google, because affiliate marketing is little bit hard job but very high amount of reward money.

6)Amazon mechanical Turk
This is where you get a minimum of one dollar a day if you just spend an hour or two per day. You have to join this site as a worker and of course it is free. Once you join this site you have look for hits available to you and work on hits. Once you complete the task the requester for that specific work will look into your submitted work and will reward you. All you need is follow certain simple principles and rules. You can learn more about how to work and usage amazon mechanical turk from google.

7)India Study Channel
Join Indian Study Channel, be active on this site. Post quality content, meet the required criteria and apply for Google adsense. Though ISC cannot guarantee you in compulsory approval of adsense, it is a good way to try though. Since approval/rejection strictly lies with Google policies and conditions. Write unique content in resource articles, actively participate in forums, ask experts and as many as you can. Drive decent traffic to your resources, then surely you will get adsense approval. Once done carefully go through the adsense policies and you can earn a very decent income. This is very best suitable site for Indians.

8)Amazon affiliate marleting
This is some thing that is really crunchy. This is not the same as amazon mechanical turk. In mturk you are a worker and here you are a publisher. Publisher of different products, books, CD's and lot more on your blog or site. If a user buys a product through your link then you get a percentage of commission through that sale. It varies from product to product. But beware that this is not an easy job. It's not necessary that a user should but through your link. Do a research, reach the audience in your area what they require. Publish the best products that the people of your area are willing to buy.

9)Lastly join some PTC(Paid To Click) sites. There are some genuine PTC sites(Beware of fake PTC sites) which generate money just by clicking ads. This is very slow in terms of generating revenue because you will have only 5-6 ads per day and they pay you as low as 10 cents per ad. But once you level up and gain new referrals it is also a good way of earning. But you have to be very patient and it is a very slow process.


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