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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Which is the Best Smart phone?

So where to begin?
In terms of speed or usage or apps or services or hardware blah blah....
Many techies will rate a smart phone based on its features mentioned above in a particular class or brand, say Nokia, Apple, Android etc!
But when it comes to a normal person we have to choose a single mobile from all these brands! There begins the confusion! Which mobile I have to purchase? A symbian(Nokia) or an Apple iphone or an Android or Samsung(Bada OS) or any other? How do I know which one is best among these?

When we spend a lot of money while purchasing a mobile we need to be cautious so that the gadget we are going to get should satisfy our needs.

Going to some basic common speculations what all features we need in a smart phone are:
  • Good Camera
  • Good MP3 player
  • Good user interface
  • Good Speed(In terms of internet,usage and switching between apps)
  • Wide range of support for apps,so that you can install maximum types of apps
  • Good video recording and playback
  • Good gaming support
  • Good email, social and browser support
  • Video playback over internet(In single term Flash player support)
  • Wifi and/or Mobile hotspot 
So considering all these features rule out which doesn't support all these. Basically all these features are supported by latest mobiles of all brands with exceptions of flash support, wifi and hotspot. Still many smart phones doesn't support these three features.You got to spend few extra bucks to get these features and each penny is worth in getting these three features, because you will have several advantages with them.

So folks in terms of hardware it is your personal choice because, some offer higher space when compared to other device both having almost same price.

Here are some basic hardware features which you need to have:
  • Camera Flash
  • Hard keys for volume, music player and camera
  • Sufficient internal memory so that you can install some apps which exclusively install in phone memory like adobe flash player, facebook, yahoo messenger etc
  • Good processor(Presently dual core processors are hot cakes- Available on android, Nokia Lumia, etc)
  • Should support a handy memory expanding
  • Good RAM
So these hardware requirements may not be available on all smart phones so it is your personal choice in having all these. The higher you prefer and higher the price.

Si i think I gave basic features a present day smart phone should have and in my personal view I would go for Android mobile which will have almost all basic features.

So people!!! Consider some basic features(software and hardware) and select a good mobile of your choice hopefully Android LOL!!


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