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Saturday, October 22, 2011

How To Use Siri to Create Reminders For Any Location

If you want to add a business, intersection or address to use as a reminder, you can create a new contact, or add the address to an existing contact. If you have set up relationships with Siri, you can also use the nickname you created.
For example. I can set a reminder to do something when I get to a friend’s house by saying his name. If I want to set a reminder for when I get to my Mom’s, I can say, “Remind me to do the dishes when I get to Mom’s house.” and Siri can connect the relationship and her address to my reminder.
This also works with businesses. If I say, “Remind me to talk to Tim Cook about the iPhone 5 when I get to Apple Inc.”, Siri will create the reminder.
If you want to create reminders for when you get to a certain address, to the mall or a favorite store — you just need to create a contact and add the address.
To add an address to a contact, Open up Contacts.Choose your contact.Tap Edit.Add an Address.Save.
If you add a business, such as the local mall, you can create a relationship, or just call it the mall, to use Reminders there.
After you add the Mall, you can shorten things up, by creating a relationship. So that Remind me to get a gift at the Findlay Village Mall, is just the mall.
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