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Monday, July 26, 2010

Tune Your Brain

• Some say my kid is poor in memory, some say our children don't have brain, some say our kids are subjected to tensions and depressions henceforth they are not performing well in school/college. This is not only a problem of children but also in employees, parents due various work loads and other reasons.

• Truly there will be about 10,000 Billion neurons in human brain nearly equal in both children and adults. How many of you know that one neuron is equal to a super computer.

• Human brain is equal to 10,000 Billion super computers. If everyone realizes this one can get over their depressions-according to Indian Memory Association Chairman Jaya Simha. When a person is in depression or pressure it will result in fear and sorrow. In this phase Brain will not be able to be in the capacity of 'storage and recall'. Hence to have a good memory power peace is necessary.


The Human Brain will have alpha(α), beta(β), peta(P) and delta(δ) waves of current.

If a person is 90% awake then it is beta state. At this phase there will be 14-21 cycles of current will pass through the brain. At this point the memory power will be low. The person will be in a state of selfishness, jealousy, vengeance etc

Deep breaths, yoga, meditation or being calm and pleasant by not talking to anyone, listening to your favorite music....When you are in nature,you will go to alpha state.At this point the speed of current waves is between 7 and 14.At this stage you will be out of depressions and you will be at peace resulting in increase of your memory power. Try most of your time to be in this phase,learn how to be.


Most of the successful students and employees presently say that 'brain gym' is the reason beyond my success.

• There will be two halves in the brain, right and left called has cerebral hemispheres.Both together is called as Cerebrum. Right hemisphere controls left part of the body and left hemisphere controls right part of the body. So if you use your right hand left hemisphere works and when you use left hand right hemisphere works.

• Most of you are right handers,use your right hand and leg. Try to use your left hand and left leg means you are using both parts of the cerebrum and you work with more concentration and activity. It simply means do some work outs with both hands and legs. For example try to practicing drawing and writing with your minor hand

• Ears are called as 'Brain Caps'. They need exercise. Massage them regularly. The important organs of human body eyes,ears,nose and tongue need to be active always. Doing some work with closed eyes gives exercise to eyes, recognizing the voice on a phone, identifying smell are all important

• In these present days,running around clock,work load,competition,corporate life all will decrease your memory power. To overcome this do workouts a least 15minutes a day. Children for 30 minutes. Come out of beta stage to alpha stage. For this you have to set the target,involve in it,remember it. Workouts,aerobics or gym are very important means for this.

• Parents should not scold their children often. You should recognize what words you are using before scolding your children or else you yourself will push your child into troubles. Encouraging your children is the only way that helps them


To remember every lesson especially for school children try to follow this simple 5R method

• R-read

• R-revise

• R-review

• R-recall

• R-remember

Am sure this will help you. If you read a new chapter, first read it thoroughly then re-read it(revise). Now close the book and write a review of the topic you read briefly as a synopsis or summary. Now close your eyes and recollect(recall) what all you did until now...ultimately you will remember

Good Luck

Thank you all



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