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Monday, July 5, 2010


Most of them search how to add external subtitles to a movie to understand the movie better.Many of them search internet how to add and download some softwares which manually or automatically add subtitles to the movie from the subtitle source file.

In order to know how to add external subtitles for a movie file you have to know what format will be the subtitle file.A subtitle file is shortly knows as .SRT file or simply an SRT extension file which means SubRip.when this file is integrated into a movie file subtitles will appear on the movie.

Now the question is how to integrate the srt files to a movie.Most of them rely on downloading softwares like Directvobsub,vidmex,virtualdub,ffd show,divx subtitles etcwhich add subtitles to the movie file.

After knowing this you don't know how to add or how it will add subtitles to the movie.So first you have to download srt file for your concerned movie from various sites which offer you for free like

Download the concerned movie subtitle from any one of these sites and add just copy the srt file into the movie folder.

Ok now which software to choose??My better suggestion is to download FFDshow decoder which is very easy and simple to install and it automatically adds the subtitles to the movie file and playbacks the movie supporting the subtitles in any player.It supports wide range of video formats.It is very good alternative to divx.


Step 1)Download the FFDshow decoder from here and install it.


Step 2)Download external subtitles from any of the websites mentioned above and extract the srt file(since  most of them will be in zip format) to the file consisting your video.

Thats it now when you play the video using windows media player or nero show time or even divx player,subtitles will appear on the movie and you can see ffd show decoder icon in the system tray.

If you have any suggestions or any other simpler methods than this please reply.

NOTE: Most of them find difficult in how to install FFD show since it comes with wide variety of options.So here is the guide in installing it.

After downloading the setup file,run it and select the language

Now click next

Select the destination folder to install and click next

Videos for windows(VWF) is a media frame work which will predict the Direct show and to my knowledge is the only current use for transcoding.The other options are more advanced and is beyond the scope of this guide.If you decide to use ffd show for transcoding leave thr box checked or else uncheck the box and select next.

Now click on next after your desired settings

Now the install process is little leechy.You will be shown with several codec options which the ffd show will support.Its easy to reconfigure if you do any mistake or if you want to change later.Click on decode the following video formats and clcik on next.

You may need some other codecs like MPEG or Cam studio.If you would prefer to select everything and use merit to control ffdshow that's aslo a good approach,we will cover setting ffdshow's merit in a bit.

Use "decode the following audio formats in ffdshow"

Enable most of the audio formats.Note that DTS-MA is not on the list(will talk about that in audio decoder configuration)if you want to decode it you must enable DTS.Also note that AC3 and Dolby TrueHD are given as separate options,AC3 must be enabled for Dolby TrueHD decoding

Some more audio codecs.Add your choice

If you want to bitstream AC3 or DTS select the appropriate option and click next

If you want sound mixer then select the appropriate ones and click next.Generally some movies have very good audio clarity and the selection of the mixer may effect the sound.So if you want the original playback audio select on disable the mixer and click next.

Now clcik install

Now uncheck both "run audio decoder configuration" as well as "run audio decoder configuration" and click on finish.

Now click on start button>all programs> open the video decoder configuration present in the ffdshow option.Select the direct show control,and you will see merit slider will be set to default.Its better to change it to normal or unlikely by dragging it back.

There will be several codes supported with massive options and its more than enough for a basic install to demonstrate regarding their settings and decodings.

Now the main frame of adding subtitles automatically is select the "subtitles" option in the video configuration and check "Heuristic search".Check "accept embedded subtitles", "accept SSA,ASS and ASS2 Subtitles" "support SSA tags in SRT subs and HTML tags in SSA subs", "decode closed captions"
Now you can configure your subtitles font,appearance and position from the options in the subtitles section.

Now lets move to audio decoder configuration.Select the audio configuration from the same menu you followed in selecting video decoder configuration.Select the direct show control and preferably drag the merit slider to normal.
Like the video codes there will be several audio codecs.You can click on the "Decoder" column to select which OSS library will handle the format.Click on OK.

If you have changed your mind or if you want to change any other options click on "mixer" and select it if you disabled it before and configure your desired settings.

Finally the output.Here you can toogle between S/PDIF and PCM control formats and you can encode PCM to AC3 for bitstreaming.Now click OK to save the settings.

That's it.Now you can see subtitles on all video formats with ffdshow.Since ffdshow will support wide variety of codecs(audio and video) you can play most of the video files with it.
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