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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Friendship is Life

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Friends Forever
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Friendship doesn't mean hanging out, rides, parties, girls, fights, time pass conversations, saying hi hello.
Having a good friend in life is really big asset.Can share our feelings,they will correct our mistakes and they are the moral guides in our life.People who have friends who give us strength and confidence in bad times are really lucky.There is a critic in the suggestion given by such friends.There will be analysis.When we recognize the sincerity and essence in such suggestions then the friendship will be more strong.We share what we can't at home with parents or siblings.
"We are friends" saying this is not enough,it should come deep down from your heart.His/Her company should give pleasant feeling.

Happiness Multiplied
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There should be good critic in a friend.Friends who wish good will not support what ever we do.They will say the good and bad and try to correct them.When happiness shared with friend it will multiply exponentially.In present days making a friend who will be there in all good and bad times of life is a challenge.What is will be the greatest gift in life if we have a friend as a company, our shadow, confidence and pride. But in present days i cant see such kind of friendship in many cases.Some feel its a great friendship if they have conversations over fairy tales, hanging out, for fun, shopping.
Friends need not meet often,it also doesn't mean that they should be beside us.Peace and intimacy can be achieved with one phone call or one sentence-don't worry am with you.
People having the quality of making friends are basically helpful in nature and others like them too.
All of us celebrate silver,golden,platinum jubilees in birthdays marriages jobs.How many of you celebrate in case of friendship? If there are any one of you doing so you are really lucky.
There should be sincerity in friendship with no Hippocracy.When there is no sincerity it means you are giving place to hippocracy.Your friendship should be the address in which there are no misunderstandings,letting your friend down in public or private, knife edged criticism, there is purity and sincerity.If we talk with friends by scanning him/her, it means you lost the belief in your friend.When you open the doors of jealousy by seeing your friend it means the essence of friendship is lost.When you reject the happy helping hand of your friend it means the foundation of your friendship is shaken.
There should be maturity in friendship.If their child does any mistake parents will first inquire about their friends.That is the power of friendship.
Dad:What are you doing?
Son(6 years of age):writing a letter to my friend
Dad:You don't know how to write,then what are you writing??
Son:that doesn't matter dad,even my friend don't know to read.
This is how deep the friendship is,even scribbling lines makes sense. And friendship values are laid down since childhood and grow over their life.The relation will mature by time.
Good friendship doesn't mean helping friend always,it means having good always.
Friendship Values
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Friend means a friend,need not be be a boy or girl.To recognize the importance of friendship,its bond to our daily life and to improve its relation among people American congress in 1935 have decided to celebrate 'Friendship day'. The founder of Hallmark greeting cards Joyce C. Hall suggested to celebrate friendship day for friends and as a result of America's decision the first Sunday of August is celebrated as friendship day.This spread worldwide.
Presently we(Indians) who celebrate friendship day came from western culture. But in Puranas like Mahabharata Lord Krishna has beautifully described the colors of friendship. He said Respect,Love,Protection,Guide,Intimacy and Teasing  are all seen in friendship.
Present days' friends like to spend their time with their closest friends remembering the happy moments of past.Due to career shifts friends become apart and it doesn't mean the intimacy of friendship is lost.To make the bond stronger friends need not be physically stay at same place. Try to have a get together at least once in a year. But due to advent of latest technology this is not that difficult. Exchanging greetings,greeting cards,friendship bands and parties are quite common today.But all these are commercial elements.Frankly there are many people who think that every day should be a friendship day. For this is it enough to have one day per year-To answer this its very difficult.In these busy days feeling to have the sweetness of friendship at least once in a day,remembering the past moments is good and is not a mistake.its a good thinking too.

There are no limits
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Giving simply a card or a band or a wish is not enough. Ask friends how was their life before. Spend time and experience the strength of the bond among you.Open your hearts. To spend a quality time means that these moments should be remembered for a very long time.Friendship with no hesitations will erase the limits and fills the body with pleasure and happiness.
Making a day in a year and celebrating for such a valuable relation is not enough. Protect the decreasing values of friendship,recognize the friends who are leading themselves in wrong track and guide them.Tell the morals of life and society.Then the friendship will be at a mountain peak in its values. Whether it is between girls or between  boys or between boys and girls friendship should be like friendship. There is no objection in saying "Friendship is life"

Having friendly nature is enough,making it as a part of life is enough. It will become an intimate asset of life,it will create lot of miracles and spreads lot of happiness. Then there will be no Friendship day once year,every day is Friendship day


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